Uprising Games’s founder Elton Bird has been making games since the md 1990′s, so here is a list of all the games worked on!

As Mental Software: (Amiga)

Tennis Champs (cover-mount disk by Amiga Power Magazine)
Super Tennis Champs (Audiogenic Software)

As Uprising Games: (all iOS – Design + programming)

World Soccer Champs 2010
Super Soccer Champs (2013)
Tappy Lap
Tennis Champs (Returns / Season 2 / 3)

For Sega Europe:

BASH! (DC VMU – doubled as an invite to the Dreamcast launch party
Ball Bubble (Dreamcast – Designed and programmed, part of “Planet Ring”)

For Razorworks:

Total Immersion Racing (XBox – Empire Interactive)
Ford Racing 2 (XBox – Empire Interactive)
Ford Racing 3 (XBox – Empire Interactive)

For Exient: (Nintendo DS unless stated)

Madden 05 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Fifa 06 (Tech)
Madden 06 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Fifa Street 2 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Madden 07 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Tiger Woods 08 (Tech)
Madden 08 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Need For Speed: Pro Street (Tech advisor + Game Modes)
Fifa Street 3 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Madden 09 (Tech + Lead Programmer)
Fifa 09 (Tech)
Skate it (Tech)
Need For Speed: Undercover (Wii / PS2 – Effects / Optimisation)
Sims 3 (Tech)

For Natural Motion:

Jenga (iOS – Lead Programmer)
Dawn of Titans (iOS / Android – Coding)

For First Touch Games:

Fresh Tracks Snowboarding (iOS Tech + Lead Programmer)
Dream League Soccer (iOS – Graphics programmer / Android conversion)
Score! World Goals (iOS – Graphics programmer / Android conversion)
FTS ’14 (iOS – Graphics programmer)
FTS ’15 (iOS – Graphics programmer)