Mister Kung-Fu

The first ZX Spectrum game from Uprising Games is an entry into the ZX-Dev M.I.A / Remakes competition.

Mister Kung Fu is a reconversion of the classic arcade Kung Fu Master, as the original Spectrum conversion was extremely disappointing.

**NEW UPDATE  V1.3**


This is the V1.3 release, and further updates will follow, so please do make contact on social media or email with feedback!
- Bug Fixes

From V1.2
- Improved responsiveness when transitioning from a Kick to a crouch/crouch-kick
- New TAP and TZX files with a +2a and +3 compatible version of the game

From V1.1
- High Score display
- Adjusted Enemy flow on 1st level
- slightly slowed down kick so it’s dangerous for slightly longer / easier to time
- fixed scoring bugs
- a few glitches fixed
- quicker loading time

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Coding :  Elton Bird
Graphics :  Andrew McDonnell, Elton Bird
Audio :  Elton Bird
Additional Graphics :  Tony Pastor