SSC 2018 Tips!

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OK, Spoiler Alert!! (for anyone that wants to work out the system themselves! Parts of this are revealed in the News feed of the Manager Home screen occasionally)

Each player has preferences. An ideal set of 4 team training sessions, and an ideal training intensity level.
Each contributes to the Preference score.
* Team sessions that match a players preference score 2 points * This gives a maximum contribution to the total of 8
* Training Intensity scores a maximum of 7 if correct, and loses a point per value it is wrong by * This gives the overall score a max of 15.

This means by looking at the overall score, and knowing how much came from the team sessions (matching ones are shown), you can then home in on the correct value for intensity to maximse the preference score. If a player scores 9, with 2 session matches, you know that the maximum he can score is 11 , so his intensity is set two steps away from optimal..

The preference score is added to the player’s mood value, and this is how much XP they get.
When the bar fills, the player will get some extra points on some attributes, but only if his current level is lower than his potential.

Once you are at that point, you can then decide if there are players you want to level up faster that others. You then try changing the team sessions to try and maximise their score.. naturally other players might also benefit from the change, or suffer. But some players will tell you what sessions they’d like in the News feed..

Players with a low training score (Intensity miles out) will become unhappy, and if they are already unhappy, could lose form directly.
Players with a very good score (above 12 I think) will get happier.